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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Val says:

    Hy I have red your story I would love to try this for my son but he is currently on adderall so I wanted to know …do I stop the medication or ween him down while doing the vitamins? Thank you

    1. You would want to ween him down with the help of your son’s doctor. Learn more at

  2. Thanks for your comment. Many people start on the Daily Essential Nutrients and slowly increase it and at the same time slowly ween off the meds. You can learn more at or by calling Hardy Nutritionals at 855-955-1114. Good luck to you! Please keep us posted on results!

  3. Mary says:

    Hello! I am so excited to hear that there is help for my 37 yr old autistic daughter. As child she was super hyper witha learning disability. We tried ritalin, slow release cylart, and none helped. As a teenager she was on anti depressions, anti psychotic medications and it was a nightmare. Now, she is not on any of those horrible meds, but she has terrible ptsd, anxiety,she is paranoid, talks to herself, and screams. Is very upset because she can’t remember anything. I would love to see results and enjoy life with my daughter. Thank you. I am just wandering if it works will she need to be on these nutients for life?

    1. Hi. Please visit and look at the autism studies. These are highly concentrated nutrition, so taking them for life won’t hurt. “Providing the body with the highest caliber of micronutrients only has one side effect: you feel better.” – Hardy Nutritionals founder David L. Hardy

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